Community Projects

Stolion Awards


 The first Stolion Award was presented to student Robert Platt in 1958  The students receiving these awards will have demonstrated these qualities: 

1.  Accepts responsibility, does work promptly and efficiently, trustworthy.  

2. Respects authority, knows the rules, abides by the rules.  3. Respected by others, good personality, honest, fair.4. Does more than required, dependable. 

5. Has shown unusual improvement in any one or more of the above qualities. The first awards were presented in June, 1958 and 31 students received them.. It is not noted but sometime after the award was established it was expanded to cover students from K thru 12.

In 2018 more than 600 awards were presented. 

Bulldog Bags

Since its start in 2015, Stow-Munroe Falls Lions Club has been involved in a new community-sponsored program benefiting the children of the Stow-Munroe Falls School District. 

Bulldog Bags is a weekend food program for children receiving free or reduced lunches.  The school system estimated that over 600 children in the school system do not h We want students to show up Monday morning hungry for learning, not hungry for food.  All bags are delivered to the schools the same day as packing and are anonymous to everyone except the teachers distributing the bags to the appropriate children. 

Originally starting with just the elementary schools it has now expanded to include the middle schools and a cupboard at the high school. The food bags contain an average of ten items per bag plus personal care items. E

Support Bow Wow Beach

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Safety Town


The Stow Munroe Falls Lions made a significant contribution to Safety Town and due to the contribution the Lions were awarded naming rights to the streets within the Saftey Town complex.

S.O.A.R. Playground

Stow Outdoor Accessible Recreation Playground.

Stow Outdoor Accessible Recreation Playground.  The Lions made a significant contribution to allow the city to construct the playground.  The playground is specifically built for special needs children to ensure their safety while they play.  

Down's Syndrome Christmas Party


The Lions have supported the Down's Syndrome Association's annual Christmas Party for the past 10 years.  We provide financial support as well as helping with the children during the party.

Red Cross Blood Drive


In conjunction with the Red Cross the Lions manage and provide the administrative tasks that relieve the Red Cross personnel to spend more time with the donors. 

Pilot Dogs


The mission of the Lions organization is to support sight and hearing prevention programs.  The Stow Munroe Falls club has provided funds for the purchase and training of 28 Pilot dogs. Upon completion of their training in Columbus the dog is presented to a sight impaired person in our service area.

Holiday Food Baskets


Normally we all look forward to having holiday meals with friends and families but some simply cannot afford to purchase the Thanksgiving meal.  The Lions purchase and distribute Holiday Baskets, complete with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods to eight deserving families  that are selected by each school principal.  The Lions never know who the recipients are as the school handles all communication with the families.

Eye Screening


Please see the tab on eye screening.

Safety Buckets




Scholarship Program

The Stow Munroe Falls Lions present five $1,000 dollar scholarships each year to deserving graduating high school seniors.

Highland School Playground

Support Akron Blind Center Activities